Democracy, which is a charming form of government, full of variety and disorder, and dispensing a sort of equality to equals and unequaled alike.” – Socrates

The Ostracizer was born the morning of Wednesday November the 9th, 2016.  This idea refers to concept of ostracism from the Athenian Democracy and it adapts to the paradoxical reality of the time. As a collective we believe that despotism should be eradicated.


In collaboration with the Collaborate or Die elective group at Royal College of Art and the Sandberg Instituut students under graphics design. As post graduate students we used this rare occasion to speculate and play with the brief of Democracy and Design. As a group of three we addressed the question of what it would be if absolute democracy without bureaucracy existed, without the filter of electoral officials society becomes anarchy and tyrannical. The stance of being satirical is some what paradoxical and hypocritical. As three individuals we seek our own interpretation, for mine I saw this as a way to comment on the current climate of ignorant voters having equal voice as the informed. Such as the issue of climate change being debated even though science has continuously proven the risks of humanity’s excessive waste production and carbon footprint being higher than ever.  






If you are reading this, you most likely have been misfortunately (but rightfully) chosen for ostracizement! But do not worry, this guide will help you with aiding your unlikely survival with a step by step guide for things to avoid, things to always to do, and things you must never ever attempt in the red deserts of Mars. So take your suitcase and polished shoes to the corner and read on carefully.

Step 1: Hydrate!

Remember to drink what limited water Mars has to offer. Your cohabitants will most likely know where the water supplies will be, so being friendly, sincere and cooperative will always help. But in any circumstance you must never try to drink things you find from the ground. Most likely containing mercury, nitrogen and other dangerous chemicals. But if your aim is to kill yourself in one of the most painfullest way in your local area, this is it!

Step 2: Wear your suits appropriately!

Your standardised suits are available to you only on the initiation day of your ostracism. You will not be refunded or given a new suit at any point of your stay in Mars. Make sure to keep it clean and radioactively free! At any time, do not use your suit as food.

Step 3: Arm yourself!

In the most likely chance of being physically or psychologically confronted, it is advised to arm yourself with either the standard issue Rasper Ray Gun Model 240 or any object around you like, martian rocks or martian stones.

Step 4: Shelter!

Turning the nighttime, Mars can reach temperatures below freezing. It is recommended that you find a place of shelter, as your standardised suits cannot keep you warm for long. You can find shelter on the nearest established settlements. But be care of raiders and rogues for they will substantially lower your already low chances of survival.