Council Housing rent has been quoted to be “usually lower” than Housing Association rent according to the joint company Acton Gardens. The reasons stated are the inflation of the economy, the building process of the new buildings and the Housing Associations’ required fees for maintenance and services in the buildings.
So is Housing Association the organic transition for social housing in London? Considering the councils of London does not have the funds for extensive refurbishing of the old buildings that have been said to be non-viable and outlived its the natural life of 35 years. It seems that in accordance with London’s expansion so does the threshold of affordability. Usually, when something is well kept, secure and attractive in social reality, it’s expensive. So hence, poverty and poor people will find it more difficult to attain these luxuries.
As it is reported in Inside Housing, 80 out of 167 homes are for private sale. Is privatisation the root of social cleansing?