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Avishkar Chhetri

Animation Short

Daily Apathy is a short animation for BA (Hons) Digital Arts module CGA (Computer Graphics Animation). I was told to create a short animation with a narrative story. I chose to convey a personal and universal message for the topic of Digital and Analogue. Although my message might come-a-cross pessimistic, I wanted to visual show neutral emotions rather than negative. I created an animatic and a storyboard to lay out the 2 minute animation by scene and movement. I felt it was a technical chose for me to create only two angles for the animation, a front view and a side view, due to the fact there is only 6 months to complete this task. I decided not to use a black and white colour pallet because I felt it would limit my aesthetic creativity. I believe that colours are a good source for mood and emotional messages in film and animation.



SFX Short Animation

This was a SFX module with groups of students working together, I worked with a group of 3 to create a final short video called ‘Vulgaris Machina’. The bases of the SFX was a 3D modelled bug. Although we collectively decided to share roles and guide one another, we utilised our skills effectively. My roles were colour-grading, designing and conceptualising the scene and bug and animating. We generated drafts and storyboards before we reached a final cut and given a more liberating space and time, I believe we could have achieved a better result closer to our vision.

‘Death and the Digital Afterlife’ is a video installation showing the process of simulation and death. Although there is a lot of theory and opinion on this project, I think the message comes across that there is a death and life message via Dualism – The concept of equilibrium and progression of time. I wanted to convey the representational online world progressively becoming a simulation and then replacing the original. I researched many Philosophers and Theorists like Jean Baudrillard, Rene Descartes and Plato.


‘Glitch Video Showcase’ is a extra project I pursued as a freelancer which I utilised for the BA (Hons) Digital Arts end of course showcase. I found that glitches are fascinating and unique aesthetic patterns, embodying digitalisation, numerical design, and Automatism. The colours and arrangements are violent and artificial which conveys abstract. ‘Blast’ magazine by the Vorticists was an influence from early on. This video piece was to compliment the theme of the course of Digital Arts within the showcase.


The end of the year showcase for BA (hons) Digital Arts was a collection of clips and images of the students work. As an illustrator and animator I created a showcase demonstrating my skills. The programs I mainly used was After Effects, Photoshop and Cinema 4D. I wanted to sample my time in the course and the skills I required for my future career as a concept artist and animator.