Short Documentary Animations I like #1

I like the idea of in-depth storytelling. Clearly the director understood a lot about the topic, it seems simplistic yet profound. Its refreshing because it has a fictitious feeling to it. Addressing the Clitoris as a being or a metaphor for sexual release for women.

Tough seems a good way of portraying very personal messages which I really liked. I like some aspects of the animation itself. The lacking is the pace never really changes. It’s from slow to mid-paced to slow. Sometimes the animation itself seemed to be a little contradictory to the message or the feelings being portrayed.

Great style, appropriate, light hearted for a serious event. It makes us think, did this really happen? Its like those stories men like to boast about to make themselves mythical. The editing shots was amazing and to be honest I would like to keep up with that kind of idea.

I, Destini by Destini Riley

A great short, about the distractions a family makes to avoid the reality of loosing their son in the criminal court justice. The boy is compared to a lion or a predator in African Serengeti but in fact, he is a giraffe.

A story of how a losing horse was a metaphor for not giving up for the nation of Japan, its economic stagnation Haru Urara was a symbol of hope.

It took a turn I didn’t expect, plus I think the idea of using absurd elements like growing fingers as a way to show the feelings of otherness and body change, perhaps even medical conditions like dermatology. I loved it, it offered a new resolution that didn’t really provide positivity or negativity but utility.

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