Beta-Males, Internet Pornography, Intergender Mingling

In review of myself to explain a wider society of individualism. I find a term of “cuckold” or “beta-male” as a term of emasculation. Domination and risk-taking portrays an image of alpha. All powerful manhood. Masculinity derives from a biological duality of male and female, promptly found in hormones like testosterone and oestrogen and chromosomes of xx and xy. Seen as the dominating sex, the male sex drive is rip with aggression and power. But looking at cases of cultural differences such as non-patriarchal cultures found in isolated tribes. Surely the male sex drive is not the culprit of aggression but a patriarchal outlook from the omni-global culture of the old world, perhaps deriving from abrahamic faiths. My individuality of growing up with a single mother played a big role of how I see females and males. Women were in a position of power in my life, motherhood, teacher and caretaker in schools. Men were unknowns, filled with aggression, loud voices that roared. I came to position my attitudes and behaviour of obedience to both in different ways, women and females were a form of comfort and deep underlining respect. Men were feared and I mostly saw them as subjects of disturbance, I must avoid their ways.

Internet pornography is the fantasy for reluctant men to venture into the darker patriarchal role of aggression and domination. From sexual pleasures that are aimed towards men from the effort of women. I believe that pornography in totality is not a problem if it excludes the patriarchal role we as a global-culture have normalised. Beta-males are not an issue, being for centuries dominating and aggressive in the duality of men and women, being “cuckold”ed by females is perhaps the step to a egalitarian humanist world. We can review our sexuality through civility.

In terms of the larger intergender and intersex community, men and women are foolish to assume that there is no nuance of sexuality and gender. Homosexuality and heterosexuality are culturally assumed as polar opposites but this is as I believe comparing the light spectrum of red and green. Opposites are perhaps only appropriate for certain analysis. The beta-male perhaps can provide a better empathetic review of the intergender and intersex community rather than the all assuming dominating alpha male.

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