26/10/17 – Stuff To Remember

Revealing the scene, with a dynamic angle. Akin to nauseation.

Joe’s Critique – Too know the original intentions of the artist. Which is laboursome as it requires me watching more time on these individual films and cases, which eats away my procrastinating relaxation time I’m tried to.

Kim Sooja’s A Needle Woman’s is a performance piece where Sooja stands or sits still in different locations in the world. Sooja wants to explore the body’s vulnerability in spaces, the interaction/lack of interaction between the passer-byers. Sooja mentions “wearing [her] body” as we do not focus on her back. She wanted to be a medium.


A great shot film about a paranoid character witnessing the changing social landscape of his local streets. What this short as done is taken the reality of ‘social cleansing’ and placed it in a frame of a ridiculed trope of being a homeless-like insane character. The universality of knowing that gentrification is occurring helps this film place a feeling of outsiderness on the audience. We become the crazy character. At the end, our worst feelings are realised as a metaphorical literalism of turning poor people into coffee beans for the wealthy corporations.

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